Man dodges deadly mushroom lunch organised by ex-wife

Laura Whitmore eats raw mushroom on Saturday Kitchen

A man pulled out of his ex-wife’s “mushroom lunch” at the last minute which later “killed three people.”

An update has emerged in the ongoing case involving a woman accused of serving poisonous mushrooms at a meal that resulted in the fatalities of three family members.

It has come to light that her former husband had initially intended to be present at the event but subsequently changed his plans.

The woman at the centre of the inquiry is Erin Patterson, aged 48, who has been the focus of attention due to her role in organising a meal that had dire consequences, causing the demise of three family members.

The incident occurred at Erin’s house in Australia.

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After eating the meal on July 29, all four attendees experienced severe illness, resulting in their hospitalisation the following day.

Tragically, the two sisters among them, aged 66 and 70, saw their conditions deteriorate, leading to their unfortunate passing on the Friday.

On Saturday Don, a 70-year-old male, also died, while another male participant, Ian, aged 68, remains hospitalised and in critical condition.

Medical professionals have drawn attention to the alignment of the victims’ symptoms with those typically associated with the ingestion of poisonous death cap mushrooms.

Erin remains uncharged in relation to the incident. A new revelation suggests that one additional person was initially meant to partake in the meal.

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Simon Patterson, Erin’s ex-husband, had initially intended to be present at the meal but found himself constrained to change his plans due to unforeseen circumstances.

A friend of the man told the Daily Mail: “Simon was supposed to go to the lunch but couldn’t make it at the last minute.”

Speaking publicly for the first time since the fatal lunch, Erin said: “I didn’t do anything. I loved them and I’m devastated that they’re gone.”

A neighbour of Gail and Don Patterson explained that Simon had lived with his parents after splitting with his wife before moving out late last year. “Sunday morning we saw the ambulance pull into their driveway and we didn’t know what was happening,” he told the publication.

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