Man shot in head at court after throwing chair at judge and running at him

A man has been shot dead in a courtroom after he ran towards a judge who had found him guilty of false imprisonment.

North Carolina resident Christopher Thomas Vaughan was shot by a police officer at the Person County Courthouse on Thursday, September 9, in the US.

Vaughan reportedly shouted and threw his chair before he ran towards the judge and tried to seize the bailiff’s weapon during a struggle with two officers, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.

A Roxboro police officer shot Vaughan in the head and he later died at Duke University Hospital, the bureau announced in a statement cited by WTVD.

Vaughan had been charged with trying to coerce a woman from a Walmart supermarket in the US, The News & Observer reported.

The two officers involved in the struggle received medical treatment after one reportedly broke his hand while the other was cut on his neck and head.

The courthouse was closed for the remainder of the day on Thursday as residents of the area were shaken by the shocking incident.

North Carolina resident Leslie Evans told ABC: “I didn’t expect something like that to happen in Roxboro.

“But then again, with all the craziness that’s been happening lately, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.”

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