Man slammed for saying its unfair men have to fight in Ukraine as women leave

A man has been slammed after he said it's unfair for men to have to fight in Ukraine while the women flee the country as the Russian onslaught continues.

CJ Green, who goes by the name "notpoliticalspeaking" on TikTok, called out the feminists for not staying in the country to fight against Russian forces.

He said in a now-viral video: "Once again, all the men in Ukraine have to stay and fight to protect the children, elderly and woman leaving the country.

"Where are all the feminist at to say this is unfair? It's been really quiet lately.

"You all keep saying 32,000 women are fighting in Ukraine. That's only 0.00188% out of 17 million older than 18."

One viewer said: "There are literally couples joining up and fighting together and their president is calling for everyone to defend their homeland, not just men."

"32k in military, that's not counting the female citizens that are fighting as well," a second wrote and a third added: "This is not about feminism or misogyny, this is about the fact that everyone is fighting to live.

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"You're not out there, you're not fighting."

Ukraine announced last Thursday (February 24) that men between the ages of 18 and 60 were not allowed to leave the country and had to remain and fight amid Russia's invasion.

But there are also a significant number of women staying in the capital city to help distribute resources and make Molotov cocktail when the curfew was lifted.

Anastasiia Lenna, former Miss Grand Ukraine, has ditched modelling and joined the armed resistance and pledged to risk her life to defend her nation against Vladimir Putin's Russian invasion.

A couple also volunteered to stay in Kyiv to defend their homeland as they spent their married life training with other civilians and patrolling the streets with AK-47s.

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