McDonalds diner raging after hes stung with £100 fine for stopping in car park

A shocked businessman received a £100 parking ticket after he charged his electric car during a visit to McDonald's.

Amar Tanna had driven to the restaurant in Wheatfield Way, in Hinkley, to grab a bite to eat and charge his car for his journey home to Coventry, Leicestershire Live reports.

When he arrived at the branch, the recharging station was in use, so he had his lunch and then plugged in his vehicle when the slot became vacant.

"The rate they were charging was extortionate as it was – twice the cost of electricity I'd paid before while charging my car," he said.

"But I needed to charge it up or I wouldn't be able to get home."

He paid more than £35 for the electricity and went on his way. But he was astonished to receive, a short time later, a parking fine through the post.

Mr Tanna contacted InstaVolt, the electric charging provider, to ask it to look into how he had been fined for being in the car park when he was paying for electricity the whole time he was there.

Customer services executive at InstaVolt Katherine Binks wrote back: "Unfortunately the parking restrictions are managed by a third party, which means that the existing parking restrictions still apply to our customers even when using our charging stations."

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She added that InstaVolt's signage at its stations states "that existing parking restrictions still apply" and that it is also outlined in its frequently asked questions (FAQs).

"We appreciate the inconvenience caused by these fines and have supplied you with a ‘Proof of Charge’ letter containing your charging details to help with your appeal, should you wish to appeal the notice," said Ms Binks.

"We hope your appeal is successful and if you require any other information, please let us know."

Mr Tanna appealed as advised – but was not successful, meaning he must pay the fine.

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The 36-year-old company director said: "I also wrote to McDonald's but the trouble is they have a separate parking company dealing with enforcement.

"I don't think I'll get much of a response [from the parking enforcement company]. The parking company are the usual kind of business – hard to get hold of with a one-page website."

Daily Star has attempted to contact Civil Enforcement Ltd for comment.

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