McDonalds restaurant forced to close after disgusting dead frog thrown inside

A branch of fast food chain McDonald's was forced to close after a group of yobs threw a dead frog inside.

The bizarre incident happened inside the Morfa Shopping Park location in Swansea on Tuesday (February 21).

And to make it worse, the group thought it would be funny to take the poor dead animal and start throwing it around the premises, which was full of paying – and eating – customers at the time.

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Staff called South Wales Police, who dealt with the group, but the restaurant was forced to close on health and safety grounds.

A spokesman tweeted: “PCSO Dix attended @McDonalds @MorfaSP.

“A group of older boys thought it amusing to throw a live frog in the restaurant where families were eating, causing the fast food chain to close.

“Images captured & identities sought.

“Appropriate action will be taken.”

Despite the initial tweet claiming the animal was alive, it was later confirmed by Police Sergeant Daniel Kathrens that it was, in fact, dead.

He said: “The report indicated that three youths had brought a dead frog into the premises and set it on a number of tables before allegedly throwing the amphibian into the service area.

“The outlet closed for a period of time to reinstate the appropriate food hygiene and safety standards.”

The incident sparked a barrage of comments – and frog puns – on social media.

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One wrote: “Rumour has it they later had their bikes toad away.”

And a second wrote: “Diners were hopping mad.”

However, one user questioned what the group of youths could be charged with if they're ever caught.

The posted: “Not sure what they could charge them with apart from causing unnecessary suffering to an animal or S.5 breach of the peace.

“McDonald's suing their parents for loss of revenue would have more effect.”

Some users slammed police for attending, claiming that it was “disproportionate”.

McDonald's has yet to comment on the matter, and the Daily Star has contacted the company for comment.

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