Meghan and Kate are upstaged by Queen as shes hailed ultimate influencer

Her Majesty the Queen has been likened to a modern-day "ultimate influencer" despite the fact Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have enjoyed brilliant social media success.

Andrea Leadsom, the former Leader of the House of Commons, made the claim during a debate on whether the UK should be a republic or monarchy at Cambridge Union on Thursday evening (February 10).

She talked about the geopolitical and economical benefits the monarchy brought to the country and discussed the political stability during the Queen's 70-year reign, Express reports.

Ms Leadsom, who was debating in favour of the Royal Family alongside Jacob Rees-Mogg added: "In this age of social media you could even call the Queen the ultimate influencer; I wouldn’t dream of doing so.

“Jacob probably wouldn’t like it. In fact, Jacob probably wouldn’t know what that was.”

The Daily Star reported last month that Meghan Markle was officially the 'most influential' Royal, according to Google searches, media mentions, and Instagram hashtags.

Queen Elizabeth was the world’s second most influential Royal, pulling in triple the combined searches, media mentions, and hashtags than the average for all Royals on the list.

Kate Middleton was the third most influential on the list, and officially the most instagrammable Royal, featuring in the most Instagram hashtags with 13 million.

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The former House of Commons leader said the influence of the monarchy was the reason the UK ranked third in the world in terms of soft power.

Ms Leadsom also claimed companies that sported the Royal warrant enjoyed a 10 percent increase in sales due to the draw of The Firm.

She continued: "Popular culture today suggests that all politicians – all elected people, whoever they are – are somehow corrupt and in it for themselves.

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"Whether true or not – mostly not, I can assure you – nevertheless that lends itself to the strong case for the relative incorruptibility and independence of a hereditary structure."

Discussing the Queen's recent Platinum Jubilee, which she celebrated on Sunday (6th Feb), Ms Leadsom added: "During her 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II has counselled 14 prime ministers of all parties, and her continuity of experience and wisdom has been explicitly lauded by all those Prime Ministers.

"The Queen was raised as a public servant; she knew from the age of 10, when King Edward abdicated, what her destiny and duty would be."

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