Meghan Markle and Prince Harrys dream of conquering America coming to an end

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's "dream" is coming to an end, with the duo accepting their vision of "conquering America" is not possible.

The Sussex duo has suffered a series of financial blows in recent weeks, with their Spotify deal canned and their Netflix documentaries failing to make a splash.

The Netflix documentary put out by the pair last year was snubbed by the Emmy Awards, Express reported, despite smashing some viewership records.

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Now, an expert believes the duo are in "serious trouble" and are beginning to lose their grasp on their dream of conquering the US, with the pair "condemned" by some higher ups.

Expert Nile Gardiner said: "The Meghan Markle and Prince Harry empire is in serious trouble. Their deal with Spotify has come to an end and in fact, they were condemned by a senior executive there, who even called them 'grifters'.

"It is not surprising we haven't heard much from either of them in recent months because they have become hugely unpopular figures on both sides of the Atlantic.

"Their dreams of conquering America are coming to an end."

But the duo are still doing everything they can to hold onto their Sussex titles, despite dramatically quitting the Royal Family three years ago.

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But expert Gardiner believes the duo, who left their active roles in the Firm back in 2020, are struggling to make a successful path through their American circuit.

He continued: "The only thing Harry and Meghan currently have going for them is their royal titles, which they cling to like a life raft. I see no way back for Harry in terms of returning to the royal fold.

"Both Harry and Meghan are really struggling to succeed as non-working royals. But they will fight to keep their royal titles because of the prestige they bring."

Their struggles in America come as the Royal Family look to avoid "another Spare" as they begin preparing Prince George to take on more royal roles, as the Daily Star previously reported.

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