Meghan Markles blog reboot would be a ‘PR victory with fans, says expert

It would be a “PR masterstroke” for Meghan Markle to restart her blog 'The Tig' as fans are missing feeling close to the Sussexes, a royal expert has claimed.

Before marrying Prince Harry in May 2018, Meghan ran a lifestyle blog called ‘The Tig’.

The former actress posted articles on wellness, beauty secrets and offered insights into her life, but was shut down in 2017 shortly after Meghan began dating the prince.

Recently, there have been suggestions that the Duchess of Sussex may reboot the website, after it was revealed that her lawyers had filed to trademark the blog’s name.

And, reacting on the Pod Save the Queen podcast, the Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers suggested that a decision to re-start the blog would be a smart move and even a PR victory for the Sussexes.

“I think that people are very interested in their lifestyle, so if it was to be unearthed, it will be an undoubted success, why wouldn’t they do it?,” he said.

The podcast’s co-host Zoe Forsey agreed, suggesting that there was an appetite for content similar to the Sussex Royal account that Meghan and Harry had been running before they abdicated their royal responsibilities.

“One of the things I loved about Sussex Royal was… it was very personal wasn’t it?,” she acknowledged.

“We’ve got the Archewell, which are very formal statements, just the work side, but we are missing that gap of the nice [content] and feeling closer to them, I think.”

As well as satisfying fans’ craving for content, Russell added that it might be a way for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to control the news agenda about them.

The royal expert noted that Harry had been “widely lambasted” for a speech where he encouraged people to give up their jobs if they felt unhappy.

He explained: “I think the essence of what he was saying is, life is too short to be unhappy so be brave enough to take the leap of faith, potentially.

“But if it is things like that, then they can put these things down in their own words on a blog, and I don’t think it would be a bad idea.

“I think it would be a PR masterstroke, rather than allowing your words to be potentially misinterpreted.”

“I think it would be a success and I do think something like this will happen in the future.”

This comes after Harry and Meghan faced criticism for refusing to pull out of a deal with Spotify after exclusive podcaster Joe Rogan was accused of disseminating anti-vax misinformation on the platform.

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