Meghan Markles gestures on night out suggest feelings are staged, expert says

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    A body language expert has claimed that Meghan Markle is using a “staged” gesture to make it look like she’s having fun when she’s not.

    Jesus Enrique Rosas, an expert better known as The Body Language Guy on YouTube, suggested that Meghan’s expression is exaggerated to make it look like she’s extremely excited.

    Analysing snaps of her out for dinner with her husband, Princess Eugenie and her Jack Brooksbank in Hollywood, the expert said: “The first thing you notice is the facial expressions, and oh my God… why is our forever glorious Duchess opening her mouth like that?"

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    He also claimed that the paparazzi photographer who took the shots of the Duchess of Sussex may have deliberately taken the photos to flatter her, saying: "It's really nice that the paparazzi made sure that every single shot of Meghan had her laughing or smiling.”

    Jesus Enrique added that it was odd that Harry’s private security allowed the paparazzi to get anywhere near his wife

    "If they want so much privacy, why are they sitting outdoors, right beside a glass railing… It doesn't make sense that if you want privacy, you dine in such an open place," he boldly said.

    The Body Language Guy isn’t the only person to focus on the Duchess of Sussex’s body language in public.

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    The Daily Star previously reported that another body language expert claimed that Meghan’s body takes on a series of “weird” gestures to signify that she’s feeling nervous in public.

    Body language expert Dr Louise Mahler said that the Duchess takes on a dead eye look when she feels nervous or worried while in front of paps.

    “Her smile becomes teeth, her eyes dead, her arms lock into her body and she begins doing this weird gesture where she pushes her hair back which is useless, what a useless gesture,” the expert exclaimed.


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