Melania Trump’s tweets ‘frustrate’ the White House claims official

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In a series of tweets, the First Lady discussed peace and healing in contrast to the US President’s “law and order” messaging. On Monday, Mrs Trump tweeted about the country’s need for peace whilst President Trump was reportedly on a conference call with governors telling them they looked like “jerks” unable to “dominate” and “put down” protests.

Taking to Twitter, Mrs Trump posted: “Focus on taking care of one another and healing our great nation.”

Judd Deere, the White House deputy press secretary told CNN: “First Lady Melania Trump cares deeply for the American people and her messages of comfort, encouragement, healing, and peace are an important part of the President’s commitment to stop the violence and restore security to our neighbourhoods.”

Last week, Twitter placed a violation warning on a tweet from the US President posted whilst anti-racism demonstrations were ongoing in America.

In the tweet, President Trump labelled protesters as “THUGS” and included the phrase “when the looting starts, the shootings starts”.

Within hours of the violation warning, President Trump expressed his anger towards the social media company.

However, the next morning, the First Lady posted on Twitter: “Our country allows for peaceful protests, but there is no reason for violence.

“As a nation, let’s focus on peace, prayers and healing.”

A White House official told CNN this apparent contradiction did not sit well in the West Wing.

This contrast has led the West Wing to keep the East Wing out of strategic conversations, according to CNN.

The West Wing of the White House contains the offices of the US President, whereas the East Wing contains the offices of the First Lady.

This week, the US President’s daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner and counsellor Hope Hicks, planned Mr Trump’s walk to St. John’s Church to hold up a bible.

A White House official told CNN that Melania Trump’s name never came up in the meetings.

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They added: “To be honest, I don’t think it was even part of the discussion.”

According to CNN, this is not the first time Mrs Trump has published oppositional messages within hours of something the US President has announced.

Melania Trump supported the work of LeBron James after President Trump questioned the intellect of the American basketball player.

She reportedly clashed with the US President on separating children from their parents at the American border by calling it “unacceptable”.

Mrs Trump also made a public service announcement about the importance of wearing face masks during the coronavirus pandemic after the US President said he would not wear a mask in public.

The White House official told CNN there is a tension between the chaotic nature of the US President’s unsupervised tweets which has kept staff on a constant state of high-alert, and the timing of the First Lady’s posts which can be sometimes radically different from her husband’s messages.

Mr Deere told CNN: “I won’t comment on internal procedures but the West Wing and the East Wing are in regular communication.”

While a White House official told CNN that often there is zero discourse on news of the day between the two sides of the building and this is likely to continue.

The US has recorded 111 thousand deaths due to coronavirus.

The country has almost two million confirmed Covid-19 cases.

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