Messy mix of snow and rain to hit the Maritimes on Good Friday: Environment Canada

As much as 25 centimetres of snow is expected to hit New Brunswick on Good Friday, while much of Nova Scotia is expected to receive a messy mix of wind and rain.

According to a special weather statement from Environment Canada, the system is expected to move in Thursday night through to Friday.

In New Brunswick, wet snow is expected to begin Thursday, but rates of accumulation will likely increase Thursday night as temperature slowly falls.

“The snow will likely change to rain over the Fundy region and southeastern portions of the province,” the statement from Envrionment Canada reads. “Strong winds will also develop, with the highest gusts occurring over coastal areas.”

Conditions are expected to improve late Friday.

In Nova Scotia, wind gusts are expected to reach 70 km/h inland and 90 along the coast.

“Large waves, pounding surf and elevated water levels are expected, likely exceeding high astronomical tide,” Environment Canada said. “Shore or beach erosion and damage to coastal infrastructure is possible in vulnerable areas along Digby and Yarmouth counties and along the South Shore.”

Ten to 20 millimetres of rain will hit much of the province, with northern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton expected to receive 5 to 10 centimetres of snow.

Snow is expected to begin Thursday evening and then change to rain by Friday morning.

“The snow will persist until midday Friday over Cape Breton,” Environment Canada said. “Strong winds will also develop, with the highest gusts occurring over coastal areas. Conditions will improve late Friday.”

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