Met Office predicts 26C drop in temperatures in matter of days amid snow warning

Temperatures in the UK could drop a staggering 26C in just a matter of days, according to a Met Office meteorologist.

Good Friday (April 15) was the hottest day of the year so far as a scorching 23.4C was recorded in St James's Park, London.

However, weather conditions have started to cool down dramatically following the Easter weekend mini heatwave, with some forecasters even hinting at a return of snow.

Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan has said that temperatures could "drop to -3C through the first part of the week" in "some rural spots", representing a gargantuan 26.3C plunge.

The cold weather also prompted him to issue a warning to green-fingered Brits, adding: "It's not great news for gardeners.

"They may have spent the weekend planting beneath the sun but we could see patchy frosts by Wednesday which could undo all of their hard work."

British Weather Services meteorologist Jim Dale agreed that this week will be a chilly one, and claimed that some Brits may even be in for a late smattering of the white stuff.

Speaking to the Express he said: "It is going to feel cooler and there will be the risk of frosts overnight.

"Scotland may see wintry showers over high ground. It is going to feel like you need to put a jumper back on."

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As for today (April 20), the picture looks rather pleasant.

In the Met Office's latest video forecast meteorologist Clare Nasir said: "It's a fine day, a relatively warm day with some sunshine.

"However, throughout the afternoon cloud will be across the western side of the country, and we could see some isolated showers but they could turn heavy in places.

"Elsewhere it's dry, it's fine. Highest temperatures [will be] towards the West, sheltered from this easterly wind which will pick up a little strength across East Anglia."

The Met Office say that South Wales and southern-central England will see the best of the weather with 19C forecast for this afternoon.

London should peak at 18C around 3pm, with the Midlands and North West slightly cooler at 17C.

The East Coast of England will hover at around 15C, as will Northern Ireland, with things getting colder up north.

Afternoon temperatures in northern Scotland should settle at around 12C.

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