Mexican drug cartel mummify victims in duct tape and dump corpses near school

A drug cartel has murdered two people, 'mummified' them in silver duct tape and dumped their corpses near to a school in the city of Colima, Mexico.

The bodies were found on Monday (August 1) before two more victims were found the following day, one dead on a bridge and another dismembered down to just a torso.

Although it isn't immediately clear which cartel group is responsible for the horrific murders, Borderland Beat reports that the bodies were found in regions controlled by the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG) and La Vaca, the head of a group that splintered from the CJNG.

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Hence, they are likely to be revenge killings and threats between these two groups.

It is feared there are likely to be revenge killings and threats between these two groups.

The bodies wrapped in duct tape were found by residents, near the Manuel Álvarez secondary school in Colima's San Isidro neighbourhood.

It is thought that they could be a father and son who were abducted nearby just one day prior, although this hasn't been confirmed.

Witnesses to the abduction said several cartel hitmen dressed in black and carrying firearms forced the dad's car to a halt before bundling the pair into another vehicle.

The third dead body was found at around 8am on Tuesday morning on a bridge in the town of El Trapiche, north of Colima.

This victim had not been embalmed, although police did say the man's hands were bound behind his back with silver tape.

A narco message was found next to the body but authorities have not released its contents to the public.

The fourth and most gruesome killing was reported around noon on Tuesday, after an anonymous caller found a dismembered human torso in the municipality of Cuauhtémoc, close to Colima's border with Jalisco.

Police and military officers responded to the call and found a male torso alongside a narco message.

A translation from Borderland Beat reads: "Cuauhtémoc already has a name and a surname.

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"Sincerely, La Mera Verga [The Grand Dick]."

"La Mera Verga” is a generic title used by several cartel leaders.

Later, two human legs were found in the nearby town of Alzada, suspected (although not confirmed) to belong to the torso.


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