Mia Khalifa flogging racy snaps calendar – but eye-watering price puts fans off

Former adult star Mia Khalifa has been slammed for trying to flog a racy calendar for 2024 at an eye-watering price.

Lebanese-American Khalifa, 30, has teamed with high-end fashion brand Aries to flaunt the company's gear by way of a fancy calendar. But fans of the social media influencer have been left raging after seeing teaser images online.

The shots from inside the calendar show Khalifa in what appears to be some kind of abandoned and overgrown back garden while posing in skimpy outfits. One image shows her sitting on what appears to be a broken office chair – that delightful snap is for September 2024.

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For some reason, August shows her flexing her right arm while wearing strange Roman warrior headgear and a skirt. Another photo shows her wearing cannabis leaves over her boobs, while smoking what can only be assumed to be a spliff.

The images were shot by German fine-art and fashion photographer Jeurgen Teller, who has won awards for his work in previous years. For the calendar, which comes with a bright golden front, you can expect to shell out a whopping £70 (or $90) . . . not including delivery, which costs an extra £7.50.

And fans took to social media to rage about it. One said: "$90 for a calendar, hope you get a good chunk of it!"

And another wrote on Twitter/X: "Ha…looks lame, best to just to go to pornhub and search your vids but I wouldn't even do that anymore." A third, referencing the fact she was dropped by Playboy for supporting the Hamas terror group: "Send it to the people of Gaza, better yet to Hamas, see what they think."

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Several questioned the fact that she was "done" with porn, but was back doing a racy calendar, despite taking a break from doing such calendars in recent years, too.

The feedback hasn't all been bad, however, with Culted's Juliette Eleuterio calling the Khalifa and Aries team, with Teller added into it, a “cherry on top of an iconic cake of cultural forces”.

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She gushed: “The photographer has shot everyone who’s anyone, from a naked Vivienne Westwood to the then-married power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. His eye for aesthetics has given birth to some of the most influential images of our generations, which now includes Mia Khalifa.”

Fancy spending £77.50 on the calendar? Well, be quick… there are only 300 being produced.

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