Mia Khalifa shares most pretentious way to tell someone theyre a side chick

Mia Khalifa has revealed what the perfect way to call someone a “side chick” would be after she uploaded sizzling new photos.

Taking to Twitter, Mia posted two pictures and a video of her in a beautifully lit room lounging on fresh white bed sheets.

Featuring heavily in the images is a very famous copy of Pablo Picasso’s artwork, Tête de femme No. 2, Portrait of Dora Maar, painted in 1942.

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Translated into English as Head of a Woman No. 2, it was most recently exhibited in New York’s Museum of Modern art.

The Picasso features and references were the inspiration for one Twitter user’s comment, which earned a reply from the former PornHub hero.

The user wrote in Spanish: “Hubieras Sido la inspiración perfecta para Picasso,” which translates to “You would have been the perfect inspiration for Picasso”.

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Mia, never one to shy away from internet engagement quipped back: “This is the most pretentious way to tell someone they look like a side chick."

The women Picasso painted were his muses, with many of them thought to be the Spanish artist's lovers.

The painter earned a reputation as a serial womaniser and his relationships with them have since become the sources of art exhibitions in their own right.

Given this then, Mia’s comment about being called a “side chick” if you’re the inspiration for the legendary painter sounds about right.

In the photos, the OnlyFans star donned a loose-hanging all-white co-ord with elaborate green heels.

Sharing the curt message with her five-million followers she also posted a slightly cryptic video, where she appears to be straightening up a potted plant on a surface in the room –wearing a different outfit this time.

From here she steps back towards the edge of the video’s frame, appearing to check out how it looks.

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