Mob hack ‘child rapist’ to death with machetes and hand naked corpse to police

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A suspected child rapist was killed by a baying mob after trying to suffocate and burying his nine-year-old victim.

Jose Guaymas was attacked in San Miguel de Tucuman in northern Argentina on October 21 as police tried to arrest him.

Authorities had been searching for the 25-year-old, suspected of killing Abigail Riquel.

Her parents let her visit another girl’s home for a playdate on Saturday, October 17, around 9am – but she never returned home.

Seven hours later, Abigail was found dead 400 metres from her home.

She was face-down and half-buried in the Villa Munecas neighbourhood, Infobae reports.

Forensic experts said the rapist had tried to suffocate her and killed her after several blows to the head with a block of hard earth.

Witnesses told police they had spotted Abigail with Guaymas.

Just three days before she was killed, Guaymas had been released after serving a robbery sentence.

Witnesses told Perfil : "A lot of people grabbed him and hit him with machetes.”

His naked corpse was then handed over to police.

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Another neighbour told El Tucumano: "On Friday night he wanted to hang himself, he always threatened his mother and took a lot of drugs.

“I never trusted him because he lived on drugs.

“I was afraid that something would happen to my three-year-old daughter.”

A source told Infobae that a lawyer representing Guaymas had got in touch with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tucuman to arrange his surrender.

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The Daily Star earlier revealed that sick ghouls are still leaving flowers on the unmarked grave of celebrity sex abuser Jimmy Savile – nine years after his death.

The fiend – whose life andcrimesare set to be made into a blockbuster TV drama – was buried in the seaside town of Scarborough in a gold coffin with a £4,000 headstone bearing the epitaph: "It Was Good While It Lasted".

The headstone was removed and broken up to leave no trace of the burial spot after the Jim’ll Fix It and Top Of The Pops host was later exposed as a sex monster feared to have abused up to 1,000 victims, some as young as two.

But devotees still visit the cemetery in the North Yorkshire town to pay tribute to the monster.

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They also stop at Savile’s sea view flat in Scarborough and the penthouse in Leeds where he also lived to pay their “respects” and swap snaps with like-minded fans.

A source said: "People still drop by and leave the odd bunch of flowers.

"These people seem to think that because Savile never had the chance to refute the claims made against him that he’s innocent.

"But the evidence against him was overwhelming and if he was alive today he’d be in a prison cell."

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