Model, 24, killed, castrated and cooked her husband in twisted revenge plot

When authorities compare you to the real-life cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and the fictional cannibal Hannibal Lector, you’re officially notorious.

And Omaima Aree Nelson, a 24-year-old Egyptian nanny and model, was just that.

It started out like any other Thanksgiving Day in November 1991, but instead of a crisp roast Turkey – Mr Nelson was on the menu.

But how did their relationship get there? Surely, you can't just wake up one day and decide to eat your spouse, right?

Reports say Omaima was the victim of 'unimaginable abuse' as a child in Egypt.

When the beauty with cut-glass cheekbones finally escaped to the US, she began trading sex for rent and cars from a long, overlapping line of men — most of them older.

Nelson had a pattern of using sex as a con game, and her games grew increasingly violent over the years, prosecutors said.

William E. "Bill" Nelson, a 56-year-old pilot, met the model in a bar playing pool in October 1991when she was 23.

They seemed to fall in love pretty quickly as they were married with a month – but they weren't feeling the newly-wedded bliss they were expected to be.

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Omaima claimed that during the couple's month-long union, she suffered sexual abuse by her husband and added that the final straw was the alleged assault in their Costa Mesa, California apartment on November 28, 1991.

The 'Thanksgiving Butcher' bludgeoned her much-older husband with a clothes iron and stabbed him with scissors.

She then skinned his torso and chopped off his genitalia before cooking his decapitated head and fried the hands in oil to remove his fingerprints.

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Then she mixed up his body parts with leftover Thanksgiving turkey and disposed of him in a trash can.

She was arrested after she stuffed some of her husband’s body parts into garbage bags and offered a friend $75,000 to help her dispose of it.

In her defence, she told the court: "If I didn't defend my life, I would have been dead. I'm sorry it happened, but I'm glad I lived. I'm sorry I dismembered him."

However, she declined to explain why she cooked him.

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Omaima Nelson contended her husband beat and raped her regularly, and said she killed him after a particularly brutal assault.

A psychologist testified she suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder and said she was psychotic.

She was convicted of second-degree murder in January 1993 and sentenced to 28 years to life.

The psychotic killer was denied parole in 2006 and is not eligible to seek parole again until 2026.

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