Moment Israeli dad is killed by Hamas terrorists after helping family escape

This is the shocking moment an Israeli father was killed by Hamas savages during their October 7 attack on his home.

Ariel Livia helped save his family, including his two children, escape out of a window from their home in Ofakim, southern Israel.

Grainy footage from Israel War Room showes the group running along the roof while Livia stayed inside the home.

He falls out of a window to the ground, presumably shot by Hamas terrorists.

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Israel War Room wrote on X: “Ariel Livia saved the lives of his relatives, including his children, by evacuating them through an exit to the roof.

“He died a hero.”

Ofakim is a city that was home to 34,000 people before the October 7 attack.

It was overrun by Hamas militants during the attack, with 50 residents being killed within five hours.

This is the same number of violent deaths the community experienced over the last 70 years, the city’s mayor said.

Israeli forces managed to retake control of the city the next day, but people there are still recovering from the trauma of the attack.

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Police officer Evyator Edry, whose parents were held hostage by Hamas in Ofakim for 19 hours, told the Times of Israel: “I want [the world] to know what happened to us. Those are terrorists. You need to decide who you stand with.”

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel’s bombardment of Gaza will not end until the over 200 hostages in Gaza are released by Hamas.

He said the Israeli victory will be “sharp and clear” and will “resonate for generations.”

Netanyahu added: “We won’t stop until victory.”

He also said that this means “to destroy Hamas, [and attain the] return of the hostages and the restoration of security for our citizens and children.”

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