Moment Russian butcher of Mariupol asks why hasnt soldier been mutilated

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An intercepted audio message has emerged revealing the chilling moment an evil Russian general telling a soldier off for wearing the wrong uniform.

Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, also dubbed as the "butcher of Mariupol", works as the director of the Russian National Centre for Defence Management.

Ukrainian officials have accused him of being the one in charge of bombing the maternity hospital in the besieged city and the shelling of a theatre where hundreds of women and children have been shielding from the heavy bombardment.

In the conversation he had with a junior officer, he can be heard saying: "Look at that scum standing there, frowning with his bovine eyes, showing me his unhappy face, his stinking mug.

"Why is he still serving? And why should I have to waste my time with your scum? If you're the head of a unit, then step up to the plate.

"Why is his face not mutilated yet? Why hasn't anyone cut off his ears? Why isn't this moron limping yet?

"At night, when he walks out, unknown assailants jump him. Just jump him over and over, beating him in the face with a bottle and then pouring another litre into it."

Sergey Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odesa military administration, accused the bloodthirsty colonel of ordering several devastating strikes in Mariupol, which has led to hundreds of civilian deaths.

He wrote: "He ordered the bombing of a maternity hospital, children's hospital, drama theatre, and civilian homes.

"It is he who is destroying Mariupol, as he used to destroy Syrian cities."

Earlier this week, grim footage shared online shows desperate Ukrainian civilians driving past dead bodies on the street as they flee Mariupol.

The city has been cut off from gas, water, and electricity suppliers due to the shelling and residents are trying to survive any way they can if they are unable to escape.

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