Mum begs Aldi for daughters favourite food as she faces birthday without it

A devastated mum has issued a plea for help amid fears that she will run out of her autistic daughter’s favorite food before her birthday on Saturday.

Emma Armstrong’s daughter Libby, 3, will only eat specific foods, namely Aldi’s own brand Weetabix and baby food Mamia, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Aldi's spaghetti bolognese and spaghetti in tomato and mozzarella sauce are also particular favourites.

But now it seems the youngster might have to forgo her choice of meal, with Emma struggling to get a hold on any, despite traveling across Greater Manchester and speaking to various branch managers in the hope of finding some.

With twin boys to look after as well as Libby, this is no easy task.

Despite contacting the manufacturer and being assured that the product will be delivered by the weekend, Emma is still concerned that she might only have enough food available to last until Libby’s 4th birthday this Saturday.

This has raised further fears that without it, her daughter could become malnourished and it might be very difficult to reintroduce it to her diet if it goes on too long.

Emma says eating wheat cereal alone will leave the youngster poorly and malnourished and if she has a period without the baby food, she may struggle to reintroduce it to Libby's diet.

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"Libby has never eaten a solid food and is still spoon-fed by an adult," said Emma, from Failsworth.

"She used to eat more of a variety of baby food but this has decreased to these particular foods.

"My concern is that if this food is taken away from her diet for a time I won’t be able to reintroduce it, this will lead to malnutrition and eventually, we could end up with tube feeding or peg feeding."

With family and friends also trying to locate Libby’s favourite dish, the search has started to become much further reaching.

People in Aberdeen and even in Northern Ireland have been searching their local stores in the hope of helping the little one but sadly have come up short so far.

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An ALDI spokesperson has said they are working hard with their supplier to rectify the problem so that hopefully Libby will have her favourite meal for her birthday.

Once that happens Emma will look to find a way to secure a regular supply so that her daughter won’t have to go without again.

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