Mum fumes as school sent daughter home for wearing £100 Vivienne Westwood shoes

A mum has been left fuming after her daughter was sent home on her first day at high school for wearing expensive designer shoes.

Melissa Pope's 11-year-old daughter was kicked out of Grace College, Gateshead, when she turned up wearing a pair of fancy Vivienne Westwood pumps, which had the iconic spherical cross logo plastered on the front of them.

A fashion expert told the Daily Star the style name of the shoe is Melissa, and that they are currently available to buy at top-end high street stores such as Flannels for £100.

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The unnamed child turned up to school on her first day back yesterday (September 5), but was sent home a few hours later.

The school claimed it was for “health and safety” reasons, Chronicle Live reports.

And another child in Year 10 at the same school was also sent home, but this child was wearing Nike branded walking boots with a huge Nike tick on the side.

Melissa raged: “My daughter has had her first day at secondary school and she's been sitting in a room not learning anything at all and not wanting to go back.

“I asked if I could get her a loafer and they said that still wasn't acceptable, it had to be a brogue type of shoe.

“I just don't see why, I don't understand it, she was wearing them for the last two years of primary school and she didn't have any problems – I think it's just a power thing.

“There were so many girls sent home today.

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“It's a school, it's not a camp, and they're getting treated like they're in the Army and they have got to do this and that and wear this and that.”

Another parent, a father of a Year 9 pupil who remained anonymous, confirmed a “large portion” of girls had been sent home for wearing the same Vivienne Westwood-branded shoes.

Phlebotomist Melissa is now considering taking her child out of the school.

She said: “The only thing it's done today is disrupt a whole school as she hasn't done anything or had any lessons.

“She doesn't know what the school is like and she's just been stuck in a room.

“I'm not going to buy another pair of shoes, she will just not go back.

“I will try and get her into a different school.”

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The parent of the boy wearing Nike walking boots has hit out at the school for kicking her son out, and told them he won't be going back “until I get paid at the end of the month” as she is unable to afford a new pair of shoes in-line with the school policy.

Grace College, previously known as Joseph Swan School, told Chronicle Live school shoes should be “plain black and devoid of fashion logos to ensure consistency across the college, ensure safety and protect students from pressure to follow trends”.

A spokesperson said: "Grace College is proud of its uniform for the professional image it portrays, and we expect students to wear it with pride.

“We aim for high standards at all times and wearing the correct uniform in the correct way is a significant and important starting point in setting and maintaining these standards.

“Our uniform policy is designed to be fair, equal and affordable to all students, which is especially important during a cost of living crisis.”

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