Mum goes viral after penning notes to drivers who keep parking across her drive

A motorist has taken to extreme measures because people keep parking on the dropped kerb outside her house and blocking her driveway.

Sibongile Mude frequently takes to TikTok on her account, @sibs89, to share videos from her bedroom window of the cars in question flagrantly blocking her exit.

Now, she has taken to sticking angry notes to their windows and windscreens in an attempt to dissuade the drivers from parking there again.

In one clip, Sibongile showed off the note she writes up, which read: "Your parking is NOT okay. You have blocked in my car – in my driveway! I am now stuck!!"

While another message written by the stressed homeowner read: "You have parked in front of my driveway. I need to park MY CAR."

Sibongile and her friends have even confronted some of the drivers who happen to return to their vehicle while the woman is filming, with one woman caught on camera telling them her parking was "not a big deal".

Explaining what the woman had said, Sibongile wrote in the comments of one video: "What's said … 'You're blocking my car' and she said, 'It's not much of a big deal' and then she told her to do one … plus other words l can not say."

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Sibongile even shared one video which showed three different cars parked across the exit to her driveway on three separate days and explained that some of them are there for hours.

She wrote in the comments: "It's annoying because you guys only see 30 seconds, but some of these guys park for 1 to 2 hours, and we need in and out of our driveway quite often."

Commenters on the woman's videos have come up with a variety of solutions to her problem, including asking the council to paint lines on the road in front of her driveway or placing cones down to deter people from parking.

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One person said: "You might have to cover some or all the cost but I’m sure the local council can authorise white lines to help people realise there’s access needed."

Parking across a driveway is only illegal if there is a dropped kerb, but this has nothing to do with the restriction of access to the driveway itself and is in place because dropped kerbs are a no-go for parking.

Even if a vehicle is only partially covering a dropped kerb, the owner will be committing a driving offence and could be liable to receive a penalty of up to three points and a fine of up to £100.

However, parking close to a dropped kerb is not illegal, even if this restricts access to a driveway.

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