My chilling 18 hours with serial killer before I managed to escape

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A woman has told how she escaped a serial killer who kidnapped her at gunpoint when she was just 15 years old.

Kara Robinson Chamberlain was abducted by Richard Evonitz, 38, in 2002.

Evonitz, a serial killer and rapist, had murdered three girls before abducting Kara.

Now aged 34, Kara has detailed the chilling story of her ordeal which is also set to be told in a new two-hour documentary, titled: 'Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story'.

The mum-of-two from South Carolina, told the Mirror: "Pretty much the instant I felt the gun touch the side of my neck it was: 'OK, go with him, do what he says and be as agreeable as possible'.

"It was an instant shift into survival mode."

Kara added: "From that moment I kind of realised that he would probably not let me go and it would be up to me to get out and escape."

Evonitz stopped the car at the side of a road as he prepared to smuggle Kara into his apartment without neighbours noticing.

He restrained her and put a ball gag in her mouth as he ordered her to be quiet.

Kara said: "I was there for 18 hours with him. He gave me drugs and sexually assaulted me multiple times.

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"He told me he would let me go when he was 'finished' with me, but me being the stubborn person that I am I thought: 'I’m not going to wait on you'."

He forced her to watch a TV news broadcast to see if there was any coverage of her disappearance.

Kara said: "I had no question that I was going to escape. It was just a means of when and how, and I was able to do that."

The next morning, Evonitz lay snoring next to Kara in his bed after handcuffing her and tying her to the frame.

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Working carefully and quietly so not to wake her vile captor, Kara managed to slide one of her hands out of the handcuffs.

Once free from the bed, she got dressed and went to the front door, but it was blocked by household objects.

As she rushed outside with the handcuffs dangling from her wrist, Kara flagged down a car and told the two men inside that she had been kidnapped.

They took her to the police, but Evonitz had fled by the time officers arrived.

Evonitz confessed to his sister while he was on the run, and a multi-state manhunt came to an end in Sarasota, Florida, more than 500 miles away and three days after he abducted Kara.

Surrounded by police, the monster shot and killed himself to avoid being captured and facing justice.

It later emerged that Evonitz had murdered three teenage girls: sisters Kristin, 15 and Kati Lisk, 12, and 16-year-old Sofia Silva. He was also suspected of other rapes and sexual assaults.

Kara said: "I was really angry at first because I wanted to go to court and I wanted him to look at me across a courtroom and know that choosing me was his biggest mistake.

"I wanted that vengeance of looking him and him knowing that he was outsmarted by a 15-year-old girl."

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