Mythical four-legged demon beast spotted lurking in garden of family home

A US town is baffled after a strange four-legged creature was captured on camera lurking in a family's back garden, leaving animal experts stumped.

The yellowish-brown beast was described as being the size of a large dog with a long tail that almost touches the ground – and very large, prickled ears.

Tina Kahlig, from Hill Country Village, snapped a photo of the bizarre being that she likened it to a Chupacabra, a monstrous looking mythical creature said to attack animals and consume their blood.

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“I was inside and I looked out into the yard,” she told San Antonio television station KENS 5. “And I saw an animal right here and thought, ‘Wow, what is that?'”

The mysterious creature walked around her yard and even stopped to eat some berries that had fallen from a bush for just a few moments before vanishing.

Kahlig, unsure what the animal could be, posted the video on social media and asked her neighbors for help identifying it.

“Chupacabra,” Kahlig chuckled. The name refers to a mythical and monstrous reptile-like creature in parts of the Americas that is said to stand 3 to 4 feet high, hop like a kangaroo and attack and drink the blood of livestock.

“Some people think it’s a cross between a coyote and a dog.”

There is a local legend around Hill Country Village, which is only about 15 miles north of downtown San Antonio, about an old mountain lion wandering the area, but it’s never been documented, city officials told KENS 5.

The city has reached out to Texas game wardens but has yet to receive a response, according to the outlet.

The San Antonio Zoo’s director of mammals, Rachel Malstaff, said the critter appeared to be either a dog or coyote when he reviewed Kahlig’s photos.

Two veterinarians at the zoo, Dr. Rob and Dr. Tarah, told KENS 5 it could be a dog with skin issues.

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