Neighbour fumes at half-naked bloke showering outside her front door regularly

A disgruntled woman has crowd-sourced second opinions after becoming irate that one of her neighbours keeps showering outside her front door.

Kang Pei Ling initially put up with the strange behaviour, but when the man kept coming back half-naked with his bottle of water and red basin she decided to take to social media to see if other people thought the behaviour was "acceptable".

The woman, who lives in social housing in Singapore, took to Facebook on Saturday (November 4) and shared a CCTV video of the man in the group Complaint Singapore, writing: "I'm curious if it's acceptable for someone to shower outside another person's home."

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The three-minute long clip shows the man crouch over and pour water over his head, before he pours the water away outside Kang's home.

She explained that almost every Saturday the man, who is renting a unit in her neighbour's home, seems to take showers outside her flat.

And she added that she won't confront the neighbour who is renting the unit to the man because they have clashed in the past.

AsiaOne reported that residents are protected from neighbourly acts that cause nuisance under the Community Disputes Resolution Act, which prohibits causing unreasonable interference with a neighbour's enjoyment or use of his home.

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But Kang may consider herself lucky in comparison to one homeowner, after a "lewd" bloke allegedly stripped off naked to break into their house, before ransacking the kitchen and gorging himself on “Twinkies and cupcakes”.

Lynn Collier, from Draper, Utah, couldn’t believe the sight after checking his security footage to find a unclothed man trying to get into his home last month.

The shocking video reportedly showed a stark naked stranger on his front porch, moments before he broke into his home and raided his snack drawer.

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