Newborn baby killed in Russian missile strike on maternity hospital in Ukraine

A Russian missile strike has killed a newborn baby after bombing a maternity hospital.

The Vilnianska Hospital in Ukraine's southern Zaporizhzhia region was destroyed overnight in yet another shocking attack from Vladimir Putin's forces, officials said.

A rescue mission dragged survivors out of the debris but tragically a baby just hours old could not be saved from the crumbling two-storey building.

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Regional governor Oleksandr Starukh wrote on Telegram: "Overnight, Russian monsters fired huge rockets at the small maternity ward of Vilnyansk hospital.

"Sorrow fills our hearts a baby who had just appeared in this world was killed."

A man trapped up to his waist in what looks like the maternity ward rubble was filmed by emergency services being dramatically freed.

Rescue workers confirmed: "As a result of the attack, a baby born in 2022 died. The woman and doctor were rescued from the rubble."

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has described Russia's latest attack on civilians as 'evil terror and murder' which will be held to account.

He said: "The enemy has once again decided to try to achieve with terror and murder what it wasn't able to achieve for nine months and won't be able to achieve.

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"Instead, it will only be held to account for all the evil it has brought to our country."

A Russian soldier who defected to the from President Vladimir Putin's invading army has claimed that his former comrades seemed to have “Rambo Syndrome” as they raped and pillaged in Ukraine.

Nikita Chibrin, 27, is currently applying for political asylum in Spain.

He served under the commander Azatbek Omurbekov whose troops were accused of massacres and raping of women and girls around Bucha.

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Mass graves, showing evidence of the group's alleged war crimes shocked the watching world early on into the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin is sending convicted murderers to fight in Ukraine, shock new evidence suggests.

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One of the troops sent off to the front line was ex-policeman Vadim Tekhov, 33, who was released from jail just one year into his 16-year sentence for the murder of his ex-wife, Regina Gagiev.

Tekhov was found guilty of repeatedly stabbing the 22-year-old at her office and thrown in jail – but reports say he was released to fight with a "special regiment" of the Defence Ministry.


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