Nicola Bulley is not in the river says dive expert searching for missing mum

A search specialist hunting for missing mum Nicola Bulley claims he does not believe she has fallen into the river.

Peter Faulding of specialist search firm Specialist Group International (SGI) has been drafted in to help find Nicola and he told LBC: "I don’t think she fell in the water. That's just my opinion with all the drownings I've dealt with over the years.

"They normally go down and the police dive team are brilliant, they know what they're doing, professional, they would have found her, as we would've done.

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"We locate people quickly. That's what I'm shocked with, that she's disappeared."

Nicola was last seen in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire at approximately 9.10 am Friday, January 27.

The mum dropped her two daughters off at school, had a brief conversation with another parent, and then took her cocker spaniel, Willow for a walk along the River Wyre.

Her phone was found on a nearby bench, while Willow was found running free by another dog walker.

Police have been searching the river over the last 11 days and yesterday (Tuesday, February 7) Mr Faulding's team joined the search.

He says that based on his professional experience, he does not believe that Nicola fell into the river.

Nicola’s family also insist that there is “no evidence” Nicola fell into the river.

Mr Faulding said he will focus on searching the river in the area of a weir, downstream from where Ms Bulley's phone was found.

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Police have hit out at amateur sleuths and online speculation over the case.

Superintendent Sally Riley said: "We will not tolerate online abuse of anyone, including innocent witnesses, members of the family and friends, of local businesses, or of criminal damage or burglary. We will be taking a strong line on that, as you would expect."

She added: "There are some properties along the riverside which are empty or derelict.

"Whilst it may be well-intentioned that people think that that could be a line of inquiry, I would ask them to desist from doing that.

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"In some cases, it may be criminal if they are breaking in and causing damage or committing a burglary."

She went on: "Because there is no criminal element yet identified, and we don't expect there to be in this inquiry, then we're not starting to go into houses because that's not where the inquiry is leading us."

The mum is described as white, 5ft 3in, with light brown, shoulder-length hair.

At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a long black gilet jacket with a hood, black jeans and olive green ankle wellington boots.

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