Nightclub creep licked and grabbed teenage student on night out with pal

A student has told of a harrowing ordeal where she was “licked and grabbed” during a night out.

Amy Dodds, 19, was subjected to unwanted attention at Scotland's Garage nightclub, Glasgow, on Friday, when, she claims, someone was preying on girls.

Both she and a group of friends asked the man to leave them alone, several times, but he refused and reportedly harassed them “for about two hours”.

She claims he licked them “seven times”.

The man was said to be with a group of around 20 men who spoke with “foreign accents”, writes the Daily Record.

He was eventually ejected from the club by security, says the nightclub.

Miss Dodds said the nightclub was "packed" and her and a pal noticed a group of "20 guys who spoke with foreign accents".

She said: “We were just dancing and this one guy – the guy in the picture – came up and said 'hello', so we just said 'hi' and walked away.

“I've got a boyfriend so wasn't interested in talking to him.

“Then he came in-between me and my friend and put his tongue right in-between both of our faces.

“We got a fright but just walked away.

“You get weirdos every night – but this guy then started following us about, trying to lick us and grab us another few times and we started getting really angry."

Miss Dodds and her friend asked him to leave them alone and explained what he was doing was "unaccaeptable and creepy".

She added: “He just replied saying he wasn't from this country and he didn't speak our language. But I said: 'you live in this world don't you, you must understand that's not normal'.”

Miss Dodds said that she took photos of the man and showed them to security – and claims they admitted to having been watching the group all night.

When Miss Dodds and her friend pointed out who had been creeping on them, security removed him from the venue.

She added: “We think we take all these precautions so we don't need to get scared on a night out – but this made me realise that when it comes down to it, you are literally so vulnerable and powerless as a girl.

“I'm no match for one guy, never mind 20.”

A Garage spokesman said: “Our business is all about creating a safe space, we have a zero-tolerance policy of behaviour that makes any of our customers feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

“As soon as this is highlighted to a member of staff this is dealt with under the terms of our in-house policies and procedures.”

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