Okanagan pet food company launches Save Your Aquarium fundraiser

An Okanagan pet food company has launched a fundraiser for zoos and aquariums across North America.

Titled ‘Save Your Aquarium,’ the goal of the campaign is to help provide food for zoos and aquariums during the coronavirus pandemic.

In short, Piscine Energetics of Vernon says if you buy one of its fish-food buckets, it will send one of a bucket to a zoo or aquarium of your choice.

A bucket of Piscine Energetics’ shrimp mysis pellets costs $200. While it’s not cheap, it will help places like the Vancouver Aquarium save $200 on fish food.

“Right now with no people, no visitors to the aquarium, it’s a critical time,” said Lee Newman of the Vancouver Aquarium.

Newman said even though nobody’s passing through the aquarium’s doors, they still have to feed its fish.

Piscine Energetics makes its fish food from mysis shrimp, an invasive species harvested from Okanagan Lake.

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By removing the shrimp, the company is helping restore Kokanee salmon stocks because the two species compete for the same food.

“People say it’s a win-win-win,” said Nuri Fisher of Piscine Energetics. “I call it sustainability cubed.”

The Save Your Aquarium of buy one, give one promotion will run until zoos and aquariums are allowed to reopen.

To view the Save Your Aquarium fundraiser, click here.

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