Olivia Pratt-Korbels brother tells cops how he knew it was over for her

The brother of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel told police about the moment he "knew it was over" after his little sister was fatally shot, a court heard.

Olivia was shot dead in her home in Liverpool when a two men charged into her family home during an armed chase in August last year.

She was hit by a bullet that travelled through the door of the family home, struck their mum, Cheryl Korbel, in the right wrist and then struck her in the chest.

Ryan Korbel was at home with his two sisters, his mum and two neighbours on Kingsheath Avenue, Dovecot, when the gunman opened fire in the street outside.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court today (Friday, March 10) saw a video recording of Merseyside Police detectives interviewing Mr Korbel the day after his sister was shot dead, the Liverpool Echo reported.

Mr Korbel said he heard a series of bangs outside before hearing his sister get out of bed and run down the stairs, screaming "Mummy I'm scared."

The court heard he said: "I was lying in bed, I heard three bangs. They were loud, very very loud. The next thing I heard footsteps on the landing, it was Olivia running down the stairs screaming ‘mum I’m scared’.

“My mum, I wasn’t aware at the time, but apparently my mum had gone to open the door to see what the bangs was. Olivia was about four or five steps up from the bottom. My mum was wrestling with the door, it was swinging open and shut. One shot went off.

“My mum and the fella who I believe was Joseph Nee then got the door shut, but because the latch was shut it wasn’t closed properly.

“I seen an arm come round the door, a black handgun. Another shot went off, it could have been another two I can’t remember. My mum was in hysterics. My mum had Olivia brought a few more steps up the stairs.

“Blood was coming out of my mum’s wrist. The lad who I believe to be Joey Nee was sat on the front step. I couldn’t move, I was helpless, just stood there, I couldn’t do a thing.”

On the video, Mr Korbel became visibly upset and put his head in his hands. He said: “I didn’t know my sister had been hit at this point."

He described the moment the family's neighbour tried to help Olivia, in vain.

The brother added: "Her lips were going blue, she wasn’t even bleeding out the gunshot wound. I knew it was over.”

Thomas Cashman has pleaded not guilty to murdering Olivia, the attempted murder of Joseph Nee and wounding Cheryl Korbel with intent.

The trial continues.

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