OnlyFans activist Vegan Booty yells at Melbourne Cup fans you pay for murder

OnlyFans activist 'Vegan Booty' slammed racegoers at the Melbourne Cup for 'paying for murder' after she snuck into the controversial horse race.

Tash Peterson, 27, is an OnlyFans model and Instagram influencer with tens of thousands of fans across both platforms.

She used the annual horse race event to slam punters for funding the slaughter of hundreds of horses, chanting 'You bet, they die' from inside the venue itself.

Peterson snuck into the Victoria sports festival with fellow vegan activists who protested the deaths of horses at race events.

The divisive stunner took off her striking black lace dress, revealing a slogan.

Her t-shirt below read: "You bet, they die".

The model then heckled puzzled racegoers and was the victim of some vicious spray in her direction as she was being led away by cops.

Tash's straight-talking Instagram bio reads: "If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser.

"End the Animal Holocaust."

And she wrote a fiery caption on Instagram after the fiasco.

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Tash wrote: "Animals are not here for us. They are not entertainment.

"Race horses are viewed as commodities and are often murdered at just a few years old when they're considered no longer profitable to the industry.

"The racing industry is cruel, evil and barbaric. End animal slavery."

The career of the average race horse is around 2-3 years long.

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At this point, they're often put down after injuries.

Horses usually live to the age of 25 or 30 otherwise, vegan activists have pointed out.

Yet not all were impressed with Peterson's wacky antics – or the disruptive way she went about it.

Racegoers were heard yelling "Get her out" as she was acrimoniously taken to the exit by police.

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Others on Instagram argued horses enjoy racing – and the positive treatment and care a good racehorse can get.

Still, it appears Tash is happy to get arrested a few more times in her fight for the animal rights cause.

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