OnlyFans star Angela White tells all about money, gooners and foot fetishists

Angela White, the adult movie actress who has been dubbed “The Meryl Streep of Porn,” has opened up on some of the strangest quirks of her OnlyFans audience.

The 37-year-old porn star says that the emergence of OnlyFans has "really changed the game” for performers, as they can earn incredible sums without having to share the proceeds with directors and producers.

The rewards can be immense: Cardi B claims to earn $9.3million a month through OnlyFans alone, and means she’s not even the biggest earner on the platform as Bella Thorne reportedly takes home $11million a month – while Blac Chyna would be pocketing an incredible $20million a month, if she had any clothes with pockets.

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While Angela declined to reveal her precise earnings from the platform, she says “the numbers that are thrown around in the media are real and I am in the top 0.01%. So I do very well for myself".

The University of Melbourne graduate told Andrew Bucklow’s I’ve Got News For You podcast that she wouldn’t even give a rough figure for her OnlyFans earnings, but admitted that it was now her main revenue stream.

“OnlyFans is definitely [my] top earner," she said, "and that changed during the pandemic."

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Angela told the Daily Beast that the emergence of platforms such as OnlyFans had made it possible for performers to take control of their own careers – and in the process had opened up the business to a more diverse range of performers.

“With the internet and the democratized means of production, anybody can start recording themselves and broadcasting themselves,” she said.

“You’ve seen a proliferation of body types, and really a celebration of different fantasies and different sexual preferences. It’s not how it used to be when a handful of major studios controlled the narrative.”

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Angela says she learns a lot about her fans by performing one-to-one: “I do find that a lot of people like to tell me their darkest sexual desires, like the stuff that they’re they feel embarrassed or ashamed to tell other people about.

“So I find that to be a real privilege because I’m glad that they trust me.”

She adds that the two main quirks she noticed among her OnlyFans followers were “foot fetish stuff” and “gooning”.

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She explained that “gooning” was a kink where “edging” – masturbating without ejaculation – is taken to the absolute extreme.

“Foot fetish stuff is very popular. I also have a large community of gooners,” she said and went on to explain that it had very little to do with Arsenal.

"Gooners love to edge so edge themselves — and not just like regular edging where you take yourself to the brink of orgasm and then pull back for maybe for 30 minutes an hour.

”They'll edge for days, weeks, months without completion. And they just obsess over me and I really enjoy making content for them, because they get so excited about it. They’re a lot of fun."


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