OnlyFans star who made racy clip with minor filmed sex video in supermarket

A controversial OnlyFans star who had previously recorded lewd materials with a minor has since filmed a sex video in a supermarket.

The adult star, Michelle Comi, was spotted in the act at a supermarket with her partner and fellow porn star Daddy Bunny in what was described as a "joke" video.

Comi had hit headlines in the past for a sex video she filmed with a subscriber to her account, who subsequently turned out to be a minor.

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She has since returned from the controversial encounter with a minor and has now appeared alongside her partner in a raunchy supermarket sex tape.

Speaking of the previous altercation between her and the unnamed minor, who was reportedly born in 2005 and at the time of the video was under the age of 18, Comi explained how it happened.

She said: "I had to choose a guy from my subscribers to record the video with. After several selections I chose and met him.

"Everything went well, we shot the video, but I still hadn't made him sign the papers of the documents."

Even after the controversial video, which The Daily Star had previously reported, Comi has worked away in the industry and recently appeared alongside partner Daddy Bunny.

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Comi, who also makes a number of appearances on Twitch and TikTok, was spotted in the store with her adult content colleague, with Younipa reporting the couple do not see the trouble with their video.

Reports say that the pair view the pornographic material they shot in the store as a "joke" about sex taboos.

It comes as the controversial OnlyFans star previously revealed she hoped the minor "enjoyed himself" while making the elicit material with her, although the video was never released.

She said at the time: "I'm looking for a partner again now. The boy got smart, but I hope he at least enjoyed himself."

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