Orangutan almost breaks blokes leg through cage in terrifying zoo attack

A poor bloke visiting a zoo was manhandled and almost terribly injured during a trip to a zoo when an orangutan grabbed and almost broke his leg.

The huge primate locked onto the lad's leg and refused to let go, yanking at the man who was trying to escape the clutches of the giant orange ape.

Local man Hasan Arifin is said to have gotten a little too close to the cage at the Kasang Kulim Zoo in Riau, Indonesia, with an orangutan named Tina taking their chances and latching onto his leg.

The man is said to have ignored a nearby warning sign that said not to get too close.

Local media reported that the bloke had climbed over a barrier that separated visitors from primates, climbing close to the animal and over the cement fence that separated them.

The zoo's manager believes Arifin has kicked the Tina the orangutan, who he says is usually docile.

Kasang Kulim Zoo manager Desrizal said: "What happened on Monday afternoon, the visitor jumped into the guardrail of the orangutan cage to take a video without the officer's permission.

"The visitor has violated the rules by jumping over the guardrail and kicking the orangutan."

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His rule-breaking led to some terrifying consequences as Tina the orangutan latched onto the bloke through the cage, holding onto his shirt and refusing to let go as the bloke tried to pull away.

The orangutan then went for the man's leg, getting a two-handed grip on Arifin and refusing to let go, eventually turning the leg 90 degrees as Arifin turned his body to avoid a break.

Arifin apologised for breaking the zoo's rules, saying: "I apologise to the Kasang Kulim Zoo for crossing the fence and I apologise for the viral video."

Neither Tina or Arifin have been left with any injuries following the incident, LADBible reported.

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