Owner of £16m sky mansion built on top of skyscraper has never been inside

A £16million mansion kitted out with an infinity pool and sitting atop a huge skyscraper has never been seen by its owner.

The "sky mansion" owned by businessman Vijay Mallya has never been seen by the man himself, despite the property being finished and left resting on top of a huge skyscraper. Though it does look like a mansion was airlifted to the top of the building, it was built from scratch atop the monumentally tall building.

Now it sits without anyone living there atop the skyscraper in UB City in Bengaluru, India. The Indian Government is even trying to bring criminal charges against Mallya.

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Mallya, who fled India in 2016, has not seen the finished build because should he return to his homeland, there is a high chance the Indian government will haul him in for questioning. His accumulated debts of up to £819million ($1billion) raised a few eyebrows.

But the businessman may never see the home he had custom built after he allegedly defrauded a number of national banks. He and Nirav Modi, who was accused of defrauding the state-owned Punjab National Bank, both fled the country.

Mallya now resides in the UK, far away from his mansion which he never saw to completion. The businessman made his fortune with Kingfisher beer and Formula 1, but has little chance of living in the property he commissioned seven years ago.

That did not stop Irfan Razack, the chairman of prestige Estates Projects, from claiming the "complex structure" was quite the challenge, UNIlad reported.

They said: "It was a challenge to construct the mansion on a huge cantilever at that height, but we have ensured we build it exactly the way it was conceived. It’s a complex structure and the finishing work is going on. We will finish the project as per contract and hand it over."

The handover was meant to come recently, but Mallya, the so-called "king of good times", was handed a jail sentence of four months regarding an early court judgement over his Kingfisher airlines.

Kingfisher airlines' collapse was a remarkable moment for Indian aviation as it proved their largest domestic carrier. The collapse has since seen an order for the extradition of Mallya.

Mallya is currently called on to face charges of fraud in India, though there is no say on whether or not he will be sent back to his home country. For now though, Mallya remains in the UK and his mansion remains empty.

UK Minister of State Tom Tugendhat previously spoke on individuals attempting to evade justice in the UK.

He told PTI: "We (the UK and India) both have legal processes that must be gone through. But the UK government is absolutely clear, we have no intention of becoming a place where those who are seeking to evade justice can hide."

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