Paranoid Putin puts Russian city on lockdown over assassination fears

Reports indicate that Vladimir Putin is taking drastic steps to secure St Petersburg ahead of his momentous speech, including the suspension of mobile internet services in the city, effectively sealing it off. The vigilant Russian leader, burdened by apprehension, is fortifying his position with an impenetrable barrier, fearing that Ukrainian adversaries may attempt to eliminate him during his speech in his birthplace today.

According to Dmitry Peskov, the Russian spokesperson, such stringent measures are imperative due to the audacious actions of the enemy.

Tass, the state news agency, disclosed that this move aims to thwart any potential drone attacks targeting the venue of Putin’s customary gathering during the plenary session.

Recent explosions on Russian soil have amplified Putin’s fear of Ukrainian drone assaults, prompting the Ministry of Communications to issue an order to shut down all mobile operators in Putin’s hometown, as per sources cited by the Faridaily news outlet.

This unease stems from a large-scale strike that struck Moscow a little over two weeks ago, where Russian defense officials claimed that nearly 30 drones were involved, primarily affecting structures in the affluent Rublyovka district.

In response, Putin sternly warned of employing the most severe measures possible to deter future drone attacks originating from Ukraine.

Adding to the vulnerability, Putin’s recent speech exposed a significant gap in Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, acknowledging the lack of vital assets such as precision-guided munitions, communication equipment, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

He said: “Of course, in the course of the special military operation, it became clear that many things were lacking. These are precision-guided munitions, communications equipment, UAVs.

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“Yes, drones. We have them. Unfortunately, we do not have enough of them.”

Over a year after Russia’s invasion of sovereign territory, Ukraine has launched a counteroffensive against its aggressor, led by Volodymyr Zelensky.

While the outcomes have been a mixed bag, there have been notable victories and the successful elimination of a prominent Russian general through long-range missile strikes.

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