Parents fuming as school bans meat and tells them to make vegetarian lunches

Parents are fuming after students at a Brit school will now only have meat-free school dinners – and have been told they have to make vegetarian packed lunches.

Barrowford Primary School near Nelson, Lancashire, has made the decision to go permanently 'meat-free' and only offer veggie school dinners.

Kids are also been asked to not bring meat in their packed lunches and instead go for the vegetarian option.

The new rule was brought in last year, but a letter informing parents of the change was sent out on Thursday.

The school claims it hasn't received any complaints about its meals.

However, on social media, unhappy parents have slammed the decision for a meat-free school, writes The Sun.

Zoe Douglas said she is trying to transfer her children to a different school as she blasted the decision.

She said: "It is a joke. I'm looking to move mine as I've had enough of that school," she said.

"I think they forget that non-meat eaters and vegans have to take a lot of supplements. What supplements they getting instead at that school?

"Nothing, probably saving on food costs."

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She added that she had no idea that the change was brought in last year, and only found out why her daughter came home from school complaining over the "disgusting" new sausages.

Zoe said: "I only found out this week in an email.

"Amelia ordered sausage and mash and when she bit into her sausage she said 'eww'.

"Teachers said, 'oh, it's a vegetarian sausage' but they hadn't told her before she ordered.

"She ended up just having mash for her dinner. I'm fuming. She's been on packed lunches since."

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Another parent, who didn't want to be identified, highlighted how the students won't have a traditional Christmas lunch at school now.

They suggested accomodating for vegeratian and vegan children and families but to add to the menu instead "of making our kids adapt".

They slammed it as "absolutely ludicrous".

In the letter to parents last week, headteacher Rachel Tomlinson said she had made the decision over a year ago in a bid to "stop climate change".

She highlighted that the livestock industry has a huge carbon footprint and meat and dairy products "come at a huge environmental cost".

It concluded: "If you still want to send packed lunches, could you please consider meat-free options to further support us in doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions as a school community?"

When approached by The Sun, Mrs Tomlinson added: "We made our school lunches meat-free over a year ago, and while we have not received any complaints from parents, I'm happy to discuss it with anyone who has any queries.

"Our children learn about the principles of sustainable development as part of the national curriculum, and are really interested in how they can contribute to better looking after our environment.

"We made our school lunches meat-free to demonstrate how each of us making a small change to our daily habits can have a much wider positive impact, and that reducing meat consumption is just one way to do this.

"We have been careful to approach this in a balanced way, and teach that it is fine to eat meat, but that reducing our consumption can help our planet."

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