Parents of ‘first British Covid survivor’ speak out after his sudden death

The parents of the first British person to survive the Coronavirus have spoken out over their concerns about his shock death a year after he survived the deadly virus.

Connor Reed made headlines earlier this year when he declared he had defeated the Covid-19 virus by drinking "hot whisky and honey" when he contracted the virus while working in Wuhan, China, in November 2019.

However, last month he was found dead aged 26 in his student halls at Bangor University – where he was studying Chinese and linguistics.

WalesLive reports that tests on Connor by police could take up to three months to yield results.

Connor’s distraught parents, Rod and Hayley Reed have been unable to attend his funeral as they are in Australia and unable to travel – and they have now spoken out about their son’s mysterious death.

Speaking to the Daily Mail following the funeral at Colwyn Bay Crematorium, Connor’s father – who watched the service alongside wife Hayler and sons Morgan, 17, and Oliver, eight – said: "You'd think we would have felt disconnected from Connor because we were so far away, but I didn't feel that way at all.

"It was just nice that we were at least able to see him. Afterwards, we had a glass of wine and talked about all the incredible things he did in his life."

Connor was found dead by a housemate in his student accommodation on Sunday, October 25, shortly after 10pm – and the reasons behind his death are still unclear.

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Rod added that he does not think his son took his own life.

He said: "I can see why people might think it was suicide, but I can't see it.

Rod went on to say Connor had told him "the people in his dormitory were nice (he shared with three others on campus) and he had made friends. He was happy.

"I have never known him to take drugs, and surely that's the first thing they would look for, but they haven't told us they've found any. At first, the police thought he had fallen off a chair in his bedroom (hitting his head on the floor), but the university says not.

"A post-mortem examination has been done because we've got a report from the coroner saying it was inconclusive."

North-west Wales coroner Dewi Pritchard Jones, who is investigating Connor's death, told the Daily Mail that he believes he is close to discovering what killed the "fighting fit" student.

He told the Daily Mail: "Blood clots in major organs are routinely checked for at post-mortem.

"With Covid, it is invariably in the lungs that clots stick. I am looking at other avenues, but I don't want to tell you my theory in case it proves unfounded. We think we know what happened, but I have to prove it.

"I am waiting for results to come back from the lab, and I am hoping that will explain everything."

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