Parking scam warning as couple find penalty notice demanding payment on car

A couple have warned about a potential parking scam after finding a note demanding an £80 payment attached to their car.

The pair discovered a note from "Apoca" when they returned to their parked Mercedes at beauty spot Shepherd Meadows in Berkshire after taking a walk last Thursday (February 3).

The so-called fine had written up the time the car had been seen and a badge number for the attendant who wrote the ticket, The Sun reports.

But the couple, who took a photograph of the suspicious note, ignored it, as they realised the handwritten fine was a scam trying to trick them out of their cash.

Despite the official-looking details, including website link to pay the fine, the note had been written up in pen.

The note was posted to Facebook, where the user shared the photograph of their bogus parking fine.

They said: "Be careful parking at Shepherd Meadows. My folks went for a walk and came back to this on their car. Clearly a scam, but don't get taken in by these d***s."

The hopeful fraudster had written up the ticket and said the car was blocking a "controlled entrance" and added: "You are therefore required to pay £80 within 28 days of this issue date."

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Several posters on social media were left fuming by the attempted scam, with many saying the couple should take it up with the police.

One said: "They're trying to defraud you."

Mocking the note, another commented: "U owe us £80 4 parkin ere. Here ma bank deets. Fanks."

But one woman said the note could "well be valid."

The poster replied that the couple had parked in a bay, and said the website was not a secure site, one of the dead giveaways that the ticket was in fact an attempted scam for the parked couple.

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