Parking war escalates to mad levels as passive-aggressive notes added to car

An all out war has taken place between local residents over car parking.

The strange dispute was sparked by one angry person who wrote, in bold lettering, that someone in the area had bought a car and a trailer just so they could “block others from finding a place to park”.

This note this was on was slapped under the rear wipers of a Toyota hatchback in a residential area of Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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The arguments which ensued took over the community's Facebook page – and several pads of note paper.

The original note stated: “Buying a trailer and car solely to block others from parking at the right of your driveway is inconsiderate – you have a double garage plus an empty car space,' the first note lectured.

It continued: 'This is a public road with a shortage of parking.

“If everybody acted the same there would be nowhere to park.”

Strangely, another note ended up being stuck above that one from a resident in total agreement.

It read: “AGREED – you try driving around looking for parking after a long day at work.”

And another note soon followed.

This one was written by more than one person.

It added: “We agree – it would be great if we all work together as neighbours to make it easier for everyone to park close to their home.”

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And then, in what reads like a classic Twitter quote tweet done for the awkwardness, a fourth person pipped up: “JUST HERE FOR THE DRAMA.”

The fourth note included a hand-drawn image of a cup of coffee.

The images were posted on the Facebook community page for residents in Narrabeen, Elanora and Ingleside.

Most of the locals on Facebook agreed that it was not very community friendly.

They advised those impacted by the unnecessarily large vehicle to call the council, or get it towed.

One even pointed out that the car has “no plates on it”, which is illegal.

The dispute rumbles on . . .

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