Passionate William makes Kate light up at polo, says body language expert

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were seen “letting their hair down” as the Prince of Wales took part in a charity polo match.

Mum of three Kate was pictured cheering on her husband William at the match in Windsor yesterday (July 6).

A body language expert claim that in the intimate moment the royals “couldn’t be more real” or “connected” with each other.

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According to expert Darren Stanton, 41-year-old William put on a “tactile” and “passionate” display, which royal experts claim saw Kate “light up”.

He believes the couple have never looked closer, that moment Kate was “able to let herself go” and fully support William as his “number one fan”.

‌Speaking on behalf of Betfair Slots, Mr Stanton said that the pair have a deep connection as they both showed they are on the same level with each other.‌

He said: “Kate does seem to be more confident than William with owning the room, and she’s very tactile with him.

“She was seen touching his arm and his elbow, and William reciprocated that as he didn’t hold back from being affectionate, but respectful with her in public.

“The pair kissed each other's cheeks, with Kate giving William's arm a cheeky squeeze. The way they mirror each other perfectly shows how real their connection is.

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“They couldn’t be any closer together. Kate’s hands are in the exact same position as William’s, and you can feel how happy they feel from looking at them together. Kate’s smile as William kissed her on the cheek was complete passion from her side. He makes her light up.

“The arm squeeze is also very telling of their relationship. You don’t let just anyone hug you or hold you like that. Hugs like that are from those who know you inside and out.”

Mr Stanton also believes the moment showed Kate and William “have a deep connection” with them both showing they are “on the same level” with each other.

He added: “We also saw Kate and William holding hands, with their fingers interlocked and that was an example of matching each other’s gestures. It’s clear they are on the same level and have a deep connection with one another.

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“Later on, Kate put both of her hands on her cheeks while letting out a huge smile, which was a really nice moment caught in time. It shows she has genuine joy and pride, she couldn’t be happier.

“We saw Kate cheer on William with her arms in the air. Polo is obviously very important to her and William, but we don’t really see that behaviour from the royals, she really let go and wanted to support him and be his number one fan – and that showed how authentic and open Kate really is. It set an example for many and showed how strong they are as a couple.

“It’s nice to see her and William so relaxed with each other, despite being at a work engagement. They’re on duty but you can tell they’re a bit more calm and enjoying themselves.”

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