‘People think he’s my Grandpa – but we’re in love despite our 42-year age gap

A married California-based couple with a huge 42-year-old age gap have been forced to defend their marriage after accusations their “love is a lie”.

David, 70, met Jackie, 28, on an online dating website when he was travelling in her native country seven years ago.

The couple went on several dates before David returned home to Oakland, California. However, missing Jackie, he quickly returned and flew back to the Philippines only three months later to ask her out.

YouTube channel ‘Love Don’t Judge’ portrays couples who are “judged every day” because of who they fell in love with.

Speaking on the channel, David said: “We met when I was in the Philippines. I was using a dating site. One day I saw her profile – I practically jumped out of my chair. I was so impressed by what I saw.”

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Their first date was at a Starbucks coffee shop where Jackie admitted: “I could tell that he was a gentleman and was really nice.”

As reported in the Mirror, David went on a second trip to the Philippines. He decided to pop the question and ask for Jackie’s hand in marriage. She then received her visa for the United States almost a year later.

Jackie said: “I won’t regret marrying Dave because he’s a really nice man. He loves me, he respects me, he’s the best.”

She added the wedding day was the “best day” of her life although her parents and siblings couldn’t make it to America.

David, on the other hand, had a few reservations. He said: “I had concerns but it wasn’t from my perspective, it was from Jackie’s perspective. When I was courting Jackie, I would constantly remind her about the age gap and I would remind her that I’m older than her parents.”

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Jackie, who currently works in a local drug store visits her family back home once a year to support them financially the best she can. David added: “I’m retired. I pay most of the bills but Jackie has a job to support her family.”

The couple also have a TikTok account and often join in with viral trends. It has, however, created another platform for people to question their love, with David adding “not every comment that comes in is positive”.

One critic exclaimed: “There’s a look of insincerity in her eyes when she talks about them being together.”

Jackie said: “So many label him as my sugar daddy, say I’m a green card digger, a gold digger, and lucky grandpa. But I’m not really affected because it’s not true. I know myself, I know that I am not a gold digger.”

David believes “age is just a number” and says since he met Jackie, he “couldn’t be happier”.

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