Plane carrying Liverpool FC owner comes off runway as pilot loses control

Liverpool FC owner Mike Gordon's private jet skidded 30m off a runway after the pilot lost control of nose wheel steering while landing, an air crash report says.

The plane ploughed through a grass verge after the airman accidentally hit the brakes while acting "on instinct" trying to right the aircraft.

Mike Gordon, the president of Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group was onboard with three others but nobody was hurt at Liverpool John Lennon Airport last December, the Liverpool Echo reports.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said the nose wheel steering failed and the aircraft departed the runway after “directional control” was lost.

It found that both pilots were “alert and engaged” and a technical fault followed by 'inadvertent" braking caused the plane to skid off the runway.

The report said the command pilot "was unaware that he had applied pressure on the right brake pedal" because "the pedal forces are very light" and he had not been trained in "differential braking at high speed".

He reacted "based on instinct" and "with all of his attention on trying to keep the aircraft straight" it concluded.

The plane was not damaged but flights were cancelled as a specialist removal team and firefighters spent hours moving the plane and a runway inspection had to be carried out before the airport reopened.

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