Plane crash survivor broke most of the bones in his face in horror crash landing

The survivor of a brutal plane crash is being forced to undergo major facial reconstruction surgery after breaking most of the bones in his face.

Kalen Turner, a 27-year-old pilot, was forced to use a stretch of a highway near the town of Derby, in Western Australia, to bring his twin-engine Cessna down as safely as possible after both of its engines failed during a flight on June 20.

While he was left with deep injuries, amazingly the passenger who was flying with him managed to escape the crash completely unscathed.

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He’s still in hospital thousands of miles away from his home in Perth, but revealed on Sunday (July 2) that he’s going to be heading back home to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery, reports.

“I need extensive surgery as most of the bones in my face are broken and the maxillofacial surgeon will have to reconstruct my nose, put plates in my cheeks and realign my jaw,” he said in a social media post.

“The ophthalmologist and surgeon are confident I will fly again.

“I have asked the surgeon to make me look like a model, so if for any reason I can’t fly again, I could have a modelling career. Perhaps a hand model but a model nonetheless,” he joked.

Though he’s been able to make jokes about his unfortunate accident, he also revealed that he needs to take a significant amount of time off to fully recover.

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“I’m taking a few months off to recover fully and to reach my goal of continuing my flying career,” he said.

His friends have set up aGoFundMe pageto help financially support him as he recovers, which has raised AUS$7,570 at time of publication.

They said that all the funds donated will be given directly to the injured pilot, adding that any unused money will be donated to Australia’s Royal Flying Doctors Service.

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