Plane pervert who openly masturbated four times on three-hour flight is jailed

An airline passenger who was arrested after being caught masturbating four times on a Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle to Phoenix has been sentenced to 48 days in jail and one year of probation, federal prosecutors said.

Antonio Sherrodd McGarity pleaded guilty last week to lewd, indecent, or obscene acts while on an aircraft.

The unlucky female passenger sitting next to McGarity told prosecutors that she “suspected that McGarity ejaculated because he licked a white substance from his fingers.”

The charges against Mr McGarity state that after the plane was in the air he exposed himself and masturbated while in full view of the female passenger sitting next to him.

"McGarity was seated in seat 11F and the female witness was seated in seat 11E," the criminal complaint states. "Shortly after taking off, and while the aircraft was in the air, McGarity exposed his penis by pulling down his pants and shorts and began masturbating."

The woman took photographs of McGarity pleasuring himself, which were later used in evidence against him.

McGarity said he knew the woman was taking photos and saw that as further evidence that she was comfortable with what he was doing.

When challenged by police, McGarity claimed that he had asked the woman if she cared if he masturbated and she told him that “it really doesn't matter.”

McGarity said he thought the woman’s reply was “kind of kinky” and assumed she was comfortable with him exposing and pleasuring himself at least four times, according to court documents.

Along with his sentence from the court, McGarity, who is from of Arlington, Texas, has been banned from flying commercially in the US during his probation and is banned from Southwest Airlines for life.

A spokesman said at the time: “The situation was reported to crew members while inflight, and the captain contacted law enforcement to meet the aircraft upon arrival.

“We immediately placed the passenger on our No-Fly List, resulting in a lifetime ban from travelling on Southwest.”

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