Poland splashing out £100bn to build Europes biggest military and take on Putin

Poland are splashing out £100billion as they begin putting together Europe's biggest military to take on Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Spending the mega sum of cash on 300,000 new troops as well as 2,000 tanks and dozens of rocket launchers, fighter jets and a trio of warships, the Polish military is set for a surge in firepower.

Their spending programme will see their number of soldiers almost doubled and their amount of tanks tripled by the year 2035, with Poland setting out long-term military investment plans.

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Poland's defence minister, Mariusz Błaszczak, made it clear that their investment in military personnel was a direct warning to Kremlin officials.

Staunch Russian supporters and propagandists have bragged frequently about Poland being the next target after Ukraine, and it would appear Błaszczak is aware of such discourse.

Speaking on the military overhaul, he said: "They [Russia] attack if they see a weak spot. There will not be a stronger country in Europe (than Poland) when it comes to artillery and armoured troops.

"We will have the strongest land forces of all the European NATO states."

Błaszczak's stern words come as The Sun detailed a previous spending spree enacted on by the Polish military, which saw the purchase of rocket launchers, fighter jets and attack helicopters.

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From the United States, the Polish military stocked up on 200 HIMARS systems and turned to South Korea for a further 289 Chunmoo rocket launchers and 18 extra HIMARS stock.

A separate deal with Seoul is on the table too, with Poland receiving 48 FA-50 fighter jets and a total of 32 F-35 stealth fighters.

Poland has also requested nearly 100 Apache attack helicopters, with the United States providing 96 of the top-class military vehicles in September last year.

Military recruitment in Poland is also on the rise, with the government aiming for 300,000 members of the armed forces by 2035, with 16,000 new recruits signing up in the last year alone.

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