‘Poorly elected!’ Macron’s opponents refuse to accept defeat and hold hope for June vote

Emmanuel Macron vows to represent all French people

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Ahead of French National Assembly elections due to take place in June, Mr Macron’s opponents called the summer vote the “third round” of the Presidential election. Manon Aubury, an MEP from the left wing France Unbowed Party said Mr Macron was the most “poorly elected” President since 1969 and called on voters to “restore hope” at the legislative elections in June.

She said: “Yes, Macron is the most poorly elected President of the 5th Republic!

“Not only is he elected with the lowest percentage of registered voters since 1969, but a large part of his votes is nothing but a dam to Le Pen.

“See you in June at the legislative elections to restore hope!”

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, President of the right wing Debout la France, said he was thinking of the “millions of desperate” French people who had understood the “perils” that threaten the “existence” of France.

Mr Dupont-Aignan who is his party’s only elected representative and stood as a candidate in the Presidential election himself called on voters to reject Mr Macron in the “third round” in June.

He said: “This evening I am thinking of the millions of desperate French people who have understood the perils that threaten the very existence of France.

“Hold on tight ! The 3rd round takes place on June 12 and 19. Let’s not give up!”

However, there was a mixed response to Mr Dupont-Aignan’s comments on Twitter.

@MulderFox666 wrote: “Now we have to unite!!!! Philippeau, Dupont-Aignant, Zemmour, Marine, the national part of LR, Asselineau and all those who want to unite the right!!!!”

Meanwhile @Francois_libre added: “There will be no 3rd round. Even if the assembly is in opposition, M will govern by decree as he has already done.

“The senate and nation assembly are ectoplasms. There is no longer any counter power. It is the EU mandated by the NWO who enslaved us.. And manipulated”

In June, French voters will again go to the polls to elect representatives known as deputies to the 577 seat National Assembly. 

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