Pregnant cyanide serial killer may have murdered more than Jack the Ripper

A pregnant is suspected of murdering more people than notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn is accused of killing 14 people with potassium cyanide which would make her Thailand's most prolific murderer.

The 36-year-old is facing charges for allegedly fatally poisoning victims she had previously stolen or borrowed money from over an eight-year spree.

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Rangsiwuthaporn, the ex-wife of a senior police officer, is facing about 80 criminal charges, including 14 counts of premeditated murder – a record in Thai criminal history, police said.

Anek Taosuparb, deputy commander of the Crime Investigation Division said: "Sararat is charged with premeditated murder in all 14 cases, which carries the death penalty”.

Deputy Police Chief Surachate Hakparn said: “This is a historic case in Thailand. Even Jack the Ripper from the UK did not kill this many”.

As well as the 14 murder chargers, Rangsiwuthaporn is facing charges of cyanide poisoning, forgery and theft.

According to reports, Surachate said Thailand will now tighten regulations on access to cyanide.

Police claim Rangsiwuthaporn has denied committing murder but admitted to using cyanide.

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She will not be eligible for bail and will remain in police custody due to the risk she poses to the public.

However, according to CBSNews, Rangsiwuthaporn suffered a miscarriage in prison earlier this week and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police denied that their interrogations contributed to the miscarriage.

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Authorities said the alleged murders were committed with a financial motive and that the suspect had an addiction to online gambling.

She is alleged to have stolen more than $140,000 (£110,200) from her victims before poisoning them with cyanide.

Her former husband, a high-ranking policeman, is also facing a criminal charge related to covering up a crime.

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