Pregnant teen kidnapped woman and stabbed her multiple times

A pregnant teenager who has been accused of "disgraceful" conduct in connection to a car boot kidnapping has been granted bail just days before her baby is due.

Latia Henderson, 19, and Kayley Lee Ketley, 24, were arrested after a 24-year-old woman was allegedly held captive for 13 hours in New South Wales, Australia.

The 'kidnapped' woman was found covered in stab wounds in the boot of her car after it was pulled over by police.

A truck driver on the road behind the vehicle reported seeing a hand waving through the broken rear brake-light section of the car boot.

The prosecutor said Henderson had been "out of control" for years and opposed bail claiming that there was an unacceptable risk of the pregnant teen re-offending.

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He alleged that Henderson had been directly involved in violence towards the victim and knew she was heavily injured as she drove to the notorious Belanglo State Forest – a forest where seven murder victims were famously found in the early 90s.

The teen's lawyer told the court that her baby was due on Tuesday and would be removed from her if she was in jail, as she was not a sentenced prisoner, 7 News reports.

Justice Stephen Campbell said Henderson was 14 weeks pregnant when the alleged offences occurred and noted how it didn't stop her from engaging in the "disgraceful course of conduct".

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However, Campbell granted the teen mum bail stating: "One should not be dewy-eyed about these things.

"Clearly it is the experience of the courts that new parents are not always good parents and it might be said, if one was a cynic, that in some circumstances it is better for the child to be in care than to be with their biological parents."

He noted that the need for the mum to care for and nurture her newborn "is a factor of significant importance in the particular circumstances of this case".

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He added a warning that should Henderson breach her bail conditions, which has occurred in the past, she would be returned to custody.

The conditions include living with her grandmother, sticking to a curfew, and a regular three-week test for drugs.

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