Presidential debate: Trump’s OUTRAGEOUS new look breaks the internet – ‘Messed up’

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Mr Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in Nashville, Tennessee in the final debate ahead of the November 3 election. Moderator Christine Welker opened the night by asking the President about how he would manage the coronavirus pandemic throughout the winter. But as Mr Trump began to answer, Twitter noted the President’s hair was more grey and thin than usual.

Social media users pointed out the front of Mr Trump’s hair was thinner, with one user saying: “Why does the front of Trump’s hair look..blurry? Like it’s being censored?”

Another added: “Trump got a hair cut.  It’s not as effective covering up his baldness.“ 

One more user said: “Looks like somebody messed up the photoshop tool on trump’s hair.”

But another user complimented the President, and said: “Is anyone noticing that trumps hair is correctly toned & he has a surprisingly thick layer of non orange spray tan?”

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